On Reading and Reading Fees — How Things Happen Around Here

July 8, 2014


This blog entry concerns manuscript reading at Tupelo Press and the question of reading fees, the whys and wherefores. Beginning in a few days, a series of new blog posts expanding on my earlier entry: On Making the Poetry Manuscript. So, the other day, we received this note from one of our far-flung correspondents: “Reading […]

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My Favorite 14-Year-Old Interviews Me

September 6, 2013


  Last spring I was interviewed, rather informally by a 14-year-old boy, one I happen to know quite well, whose school project was to recreate a Studs Terkel “Working” sort of oral history, and who rather inexplicably chose me as his subject. I saved that transcript for later, and here, as I enter my 15th […]

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