On Making the Poetry Manuscript

October 12, 2011


The Poetry Manuscript: Arts and Crafts Here, adapted from my article in the 2007 issue of the AWP Job List (there titled Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Poetry Manuscript: Some Ideas on Creation and Order) is a revised and updated advice on making a book out of your individual poems, given as one who […]

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No Egrets

October 5, 2011


A break in the current reveries over menus, moons, and what Irene did to New England to think for a moment about loss in general, and of parents in particular and – ci-dessus – lists. Visiting my Mom this past Monday on the eastern tip of the North Fork of Long Island, where Orient Point […]

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New Moon

September 27, 2011


* Driving east from Williamstown toward the rest of Massachusetts, or northeast into Vermont (Williamstown is as far north as one can be in the Commonwealth without defaulting into Vermont, or falling left into upstate New York), was impossible after hurricane Irene, and is still nearly so. Route 2, The Mohawk Trail, remains closed for […]

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On Blogging, Menus, and List Making

September 15, 2011


Having grown up in the era of manual typewriters, it could hardly be more exciting, to say nothing of daunting, to join the blog parade. But what fun! Please feel free to comment on this or any subsequent post. My plan is to blog on poetry, poetics, publishing, writing in general, books, restaurants, cinema, the […]