Contest Manuscripts: Behind the Scenes at Tupelo Press

December 3, 2020


The doorkeeper’s feet are seven armlengths long five oxhides for his sandals ten shoemakers worked on them –Fragment of Sappho (110) translated by Anne Carson (If Not, Winter, Knopf, NY 2002) Why are these lines, fragments of lines—all that remain legible on a papyrus, a song of Sappho—sitting here atop this short piece on what […]

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Clarification. Or not.

August 3, 2020


A poet I’m working with who writes narrative poems that are touched with stream of consciousness, and whose work I find riveting, nevertheless sends me this email: Most places I send this work find it incomprehensible. . . .  My models for the blank verse are James Merrill’s long poems, Robert Frost, and Nabokov’s novel, Pale […]

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